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JoKeR Blueprints by MischiefJoKeR JoKeR Blueprints by MischiefJoKeR
I created him a looong time ago, it's about time he got a reference sheet, or as I refer to it as, blueprint!

Made especially for :iconauroraoct:

JoKeR's Application

:bulletred: First Name: JoKeR

:bulletblack: Last Name: >not found<

:bulletred: Age: 1 ½ (appears 16-18)

:bulletred: Gender: Male

:bulletblack: Height: 5”6

:bulletred: Weight: 140 lbs

:bulletblack: Species: Humanoid (created)

:bulletred: Attitude:
Naïve, childish, loyal, clumsy, optimist, trusting.
JoKeR doesn’t quite know the differences in tone of voice unless major. He knows yelling is bad and whisper is secretive, but sarcasm and blunt insults go over his head. He’s very naïve in the fact that he doesn’t understand many things about humans and their traits. If someone were to make an innuendo, he probably won’t understand it, or someone being sarcastic will be taken literally. JoKeR is also very loyal and trusting to his friends and loves making them happy. He’ll always see the bright side of things, not able to think of complications before they happen. JoKeR tries to help with whatever his creator wants, but things usually end badly due to his clumsiness.

:bulletblack: Background:
JoKeR was a product of Deidra Grantz, a young boy with special powers. His intentions for creating JoKeR are unknown to the creation, but he knows that something changed that day. He was created over a year ago, but has not been in contact with people often enough and hasn’t learned many things about the world. JoKeR lives with Deidra in their home where the boy continues inventing and creating various things, and JoKeR tries to help where he can.

:bulletred: Abilties: (pre-existing)
Levitation: He can “fly” around without wings. It makes him good with acrobatics as well.

:bulletblack: Abilities: (after the drug)
Superhuman strength: He can lift an excess of 600 lbs (total) with ease, where before the drug, he could barely lift 25 lbs.

:bulletred: Weapon:
Javelin: A weapon designed for him by Deidra after the drug. It is extremely dense and if dropped can cause massive damage. JoKeR is able to lift it and be unhindered with his new power, where others cannot. The javelin is 3 feet long with a bulbous weight and point on the end. The colors match JoKeR’s attire.

:bulletblack: Strengths: Acrobatics, floating, agility, negotiating (more like convincing people not to fight in favor of being “besties”).

:bulletred: Weaknesses: Hemophobia (blood), hand-to-hand combat, low pain tolerance, naivety, rejects most toxins (aspirin, poison, etc.)

:bulletblack: Likes: Deidra, Coloring, pudding, flying around, helping Deidra, making friends.

:bulletred: Dislikes: Fighting (but will resort to it), mean people, clowns, bananas.
Yohn-Port Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it worng of me to think that he looks like a girl? if not-a- girl is put int my mind, I would still think he looks...very...feminine...8I
MischiefJoKeR Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
No, everyone thinks he's a girl XD that's why in Round 1 he got put in a dress
Yohn-Port Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And bet you had fun drawing him in that dress, am I right?
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