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:.Eyes Sketch.: by MischiefJoKeR :.Eyes Sketch.: by MischiefJoKeR
Just when i get bored i get something out and doodle eyes...follow the numbers, kids!! It's all my eye styles!

#: the space waster doodle. It's Beelzenoff from OHSHC. I'm in a Nekozawa fetish and i'm wanting to cosplay as him in the upcoming Sogen-Con.

1. This is the most basic eye i draw...not that hard. It's usually the eye i use for younger kids a.k.a JoKeR usually.

2. I don't use it a lot...but for sleek eye for girls that are usually evil or just's nice ^^

3. Generally surprised...still the same style as #1 but smaller pupil and larger archway. I also use it when my characters go into manic Laughter scenes...

4. a basic dramatic eye is how i put it...when someone's ahppy one second and are stunned the looks sort of misty so...i'd say someone happy then either being stabbed or seeing someone dead. it's the whole battle faze tragedy...

5. It's mainly used for possessed (women) using crosshatching. i use it for my stoic characters like Qu that shows no emotion most only when she's standing around she gets this expression..

6. generally the: ^^ smile. just a carrot...its used a lot cuz it works XD

7. I lvoe drawing fearful/shocked eyes...they're so cute X33 generally used for younger kids terrified...backed into a corner...about to be raped. AHEM what I'm sorry what was i saying? nevermind...shock and fear.

8. this is HeArT's eye. probably can be used for younger girls...just make it big and shaded all different hues to make it cute along with ltosa shiny spots ^^ <-- #6!

9. It's sort of a Sonic Styled one...i don't use it except in chibi comics...can either be angry hedgehogs or supreme rage to chibis.

10. Spade's usual not happy-not sad eye. It's like #2 but not quite as glaring. I describe Spade as Curious and Mishcheivous...and slanted eyes kinda hint to the mischeif.

11. I've actually enver drawn this and it's my favorite on the page...pretty much a concerned look...i'll probably use it...last requests make characters look sincere so it can be a dying character's smiling to say goodbye...i didn't shade a lot...but it looks great in my opinion...

12. It's another one of the fear/shock ones...i just gotta love em. This one is more of a dreadful realization...that or something that'll either kill or hurt really bad getting closer and closer and twack.

13. .....if you can't draw this....this is a lost cause XD used mainly for chibis being shocked at something or for stating astute things...mainly: stupid.

14. A lot like #10...but way more feral.. feral being wild. Pretty much a cat eye or someone like Spade (being mischeivous) going crazy...or anyone like that really. it's a snapped eye.

15. Basically jsut an outline on hwo to draw the eyes like #1...i start with the ark which is basically two lines making the ^ shape, but not to pointed and not really connecting at the top and a smaller line under and putting a C shape in the cetner and adding all the other stuff in.

16. I'm guesssing a Naruto based eye...? the way i kept erasing the center cuz i messed up it looked like it was a glowing eye or seeing something shiny?

17: either a disapppointed look like being angry wiht a received answer or a contemplating sad gives me hell to draw it.

That's all the eye styles i fit onto here ^^ it was pretty random and i didn't color but oh well~~ Comment or something please!
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PhantomGirl Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011
Eye, I Dude!
HitaHani Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aaaw, Beelzeneff is sooooooo cute!! XD I wanna hug him!!

Very helpful!!! :D
madxkitten Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009
i love eyezzz! :D
what's this lil thing up there... an upset pikachu? lol :giggle:
falloutgrrl Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
wow!!! u draw really nice eyes!!!
MischiefJoKeR Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
falloutgrrl Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009
ur welcome!
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