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Have you ever entered/ran/judged an OCT? 

15 deviants said Yes! I still do
11 deviants said Yes, but I've taken a break/stopped
5 deviants said No, but I want to
2 deviants said No, I don't want to
2 deviants said What is an OCT


lol I just want to leave home and find a real job someplace that isn't all oil workers and truck drivers
Mothman by MischiefJoKeR
I've been off dA for quite some time doing some card art for a friend. The game is Legends & Lies and I am doing the artwork for their "mysterious locations" expansion. I'll eventually be doing a V2.0 of teh game with my art on every card, but not so now.

If you guys would give the game some traffic, maybe a try, they have the expansion up on kickstarter Here
Audition - WCOCT by MischiefJoKeR
Audition - WCOCT

<< Quedar Reference [Revamped 2.0] by MischiefJoKeR >> ---  << Audition >> --- << Walking City OCT - Quedar by MischiefJoKeR>>


Here's my audition! Yeah it's only one page but I did it in a few days so you know.

Links to old and updated (practically the same) References above

Walking City c :iconmiryuuchan:
Quedar, Qayden, and Jet are my OCs</div>
Walking City OCT - Quedar by MischiefJoKeR
Walking City OCT - Quedar
A slightly redone Ref sheet for Quedar.

The previous one is here, information still valid, and laid out in a nicer way. Most things listed below are on this sheet, and I suggest you look it over as wel. The only differences are related to the Switch universe/Helena

< < Quedar Reference [Revamped 2.0] by MischiefJoKeR >> - - - << Reference >> - - -  << Audition - WCOCT by MischiefJoKeR >>

Name: Quedar
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Ht: 5'9

The Story Thus Far:

Quedar owns and leads a community of orphaned or disowned children that have unusual powers called The Court. Due to their abilities, they are shunned and often hunted on his home world, and thus he keeps them safe and protected. He is known to coddle them incessantly, trying but ultimately backing off from teaching them how to defend themselve in the real world, should they want to leave The Court.

He's a sweetie, leads them, keeps them happy and loved, but is afraid to let them go. He's keeping hidden from hsi friends and assistant leaders that he's borrowed money just to feed them, and is unsure how he'll keep the place running with all teh debt he's alloted, and serious foes that come with owing money. 

+Good at reading people

-Overly generous
-Control Freak
-Not physically fit
-Pacifism (usually)

Quedar's elasticity applies to his entire body. It's not like Mr. Fantastic, that can shape his limbs into different things, but more that he can stretch his limbs up to 39 1/2 feet. His elasticity comes from being able to turn his limbs into rubber. Rubber can stretch itself longer but not so much wider. If he made his feet rubber, he could bounce. They can curl, spring, stretch, expand, or shrink. He uses this to grab onto high up things, spring himself upwards, curve himself out of the way, or curl into a ball and bounce higher. Imagine a rubber band -- he can snap himself places, though over-extending in any way can cause him to be wobbly. His limbs and body can also be tied into a knot if he isn't careful. And yes, it sucks, a lot.

He is technically made of rubber. Electricity has no effect when he uses his abilities. 

His powers are voluntary. He has to be thinking and consciously making himself elastic to have these benefits. If his reflexes are not fast enough he is human and therefor not rubber.


Flexible, Quick, Adaptable, Friendly/Charming, Good Leader, Reading people/knowing if they have good intentions, kid-friendly


Physically weak, Poor Endurance, Over-extending elasticity (hurts him), His home/The Court/Kids (has something to lose), Keeps things bottled up (stressed out as shit), Pacifism, A lot of shit weighing him down


Hat-- His hat is a hammerspace, letting it hold things. Usually it's just random crap, and his love for sugar and cake mean there's probably some of that in there too to stave off hunger pangs. 

Drill Blade -- Blade shaped like a drill, he can extend his elasticity powers into it, allowing it to move at his whim asl ong as it corkscrews.
He basically never uses it. The weaponry is too far opposite to his belief to not fight and seriously hurt someone.


:iconwalkingcityoct: :iconwalkingcityoct: :iconwalkingcityoct: :iconwalkingcityoct:
quick commissions by MischiefJoKeR
quick commissions

my BF recently got into cons (this week was his first con) and he really wants to go to another in october before the ‘con season’ ends. But we were jobless by the time this con came up and are broke. We wanna make our costumes and have a good time for a weekend.

I know some people have emergencies that really need cash too. I just wanna take the guy out and have a good time, since stuff hasn’t been good lately.

$10 for a colored chibi of whatever the heckles you want. 

Paypal -

SEND PAYMENT AS ‘GIFT’ to avoid fees


the me


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