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Have you ever entered/ran/judged an OCT? 

15 deviants said Yes! I still do
11 deviants said Yes, but I've taken a break/stopped
5 deviants said No, but I want to
2 deviants said No, I don't want to
2 deviants said What is an OCT


my god what have i done what have i gotten myself into

Up vote my webcomic?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 13, 2015, 5:18 PM
Page 6 and 7 are up, gonna try on 8 (end of the prologue) because the contest ends TONIGHT!

Please give it a share or like the pages if you haven't already! 

I'm working on a short webcomic idea I had a little while ago and entering it into the LINE webtoons contest. Views and Shares really help me so please pass it along!

Shadow Caster !

If you guys don't have an account that's fine, any shares and views help me out. but if you do use your Facebook or Twitter to log in, please give it a star rating and like or comment on the pages, and show your buddies too. I'd really appreciate it :'D 

Page four just posted today!

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oct team up?

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 28, 2014, 10:41 PM
the oct I wanted to join is pushed back to april and I really need to just draw for a purpose so does anyone want to team up on something? The next closest one I see is :icongalacticsmackdownoct:

we can talk i kinda wanted to use Deidra/JoKeR but teams could be fun with anybody

EDIT: Okay I didn't even imagine getting a comment but people add me on skype zx.joker.xz with your dA username in the greeting and we can talk ideas like wtf is this a job interview idfk

Just if you're okay splitting the work and planning an idea. We need to be able to be online together and kick each other's asses (see also: kick my ass)

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secret santas - Eli by MischiefJoKeR
secret santas - Eli
what do you mean it isn't christmas oh wait i've been trying to do this for like 3 weeks and was a piece of shit and sick for the whole thing.

late-ass gift for :iconcarmalicious: who suggested her OC Eli
You didn't have a color ref so of course I had to give him made up colors and add some lights because coLORS

merry christmasnewyears eve
PLANET IMPOSSIBLE - Team Enemies by MischiefJoKeR

I've had this sitting around for a few weeks while I've been sick as dicks. I actually managed to draw a thing

Overlord Spiro & Shio 

Spiro: 25
Shio: 26

Spiro: Human
Shio: Human ("Naiyimph")

Gender: Males

Spiro: 5"11
Shio: 5"10

Spiro: 175lbs
Shio: 148lbs

Spiro is the overlord/dictator of Phraetos IV, a distant planet consisting of almost entirely sludge water, and his single metropolis. He has people to do his work, like build sentry robots and defeat rebel scum.

Shio travels space as a fisherman, determined to never settle down and always remain a drifter. Since accidentally landing on Phraetos IV, Lord Spiro sees no need to let him leave, leading to numerous escape attempts and conflicts. 

They're both goddamn useless. The only weaponry they'd have is whatever they can get their hands on. 

Spiro relies on his ability to weasel his way out of bad situations and make other people (Shio) handle it for him.

Shio is more durable than an average human just from his time surviving on his own. He has good strength from his time fishing and heavy-lifting, and very quick and nimble on his feet, knowing minor parkour and really knowing how to run like hell. He has a fishing rod that he uses for his escape tendencies, the line and hook strengthened to manage his weight and allow him to "spiderman" around. 

Via his 'reconstruction' for the tournament, Shio has taken on the physical (mostly) characteristics of a Naiyimph. The race is known to be 'basically human' and therefore easily looked past, but they have a negative reputation by most. The only difference from human counterparts are noticeably their skin and eye colors, as well as reproductive organs. Generally known as good workers, or in most cases, prostitutes. Shio therefore relies on his own skills and ability to go by unnoticed and classed as 'not a threat'. 

Spiro: Smooth-talking, conniving, threatening, claiming things as his own, always a step ahead

Shio: Lying, Durable, persistent, upper-body strength (fishing), speedy

Spiro: Squishy human, stubborn, literally everything

Shio: Squishy human, depressed/trigger anger, distant

Self-important, strong-headed, inexplicably charming nonetheless
Spiro likes to show off his money and power. His word is law and that's about as much reasoning he needs. Manipulating people for his own enjoyment is part of the job, given there's little resistance for some amounts of time makes him get really bored. He's pretty much a really big deal. It seems he can always make things work just how he wants.
When one's word is law, one's whim is equally binding.


Shio is rather secretive, but doesn’t outright come across as it. He only shares a choice few facts about himself, and would rather submerge himself in someone else’s story or another world’s history. He’s friendly, charming (if not a bit awkward), and loves to tell a story about a place he’s been. He can become a bit distant when more questions are asked about himself, or even rather self-hating. Even considering his luck and everything he generally has a low self-esteem and thinks that he’s a bad person, without sharing any full-on details of why. It leads him to be pretty negative about some things, even if he has a brighter disposition. He’s always thinking of ways to help himself get to his next goal and what to do to get there fastest.

While he generally doesn’t like having to lie, it’s become a part of his character. He won’t tell lies frequently. Rather, he’s pretty much honest about many things, considering lying more frequently would become easier to spot. Under such cases, he may tell someone that he finds nonthreatening his name (Shio), but tell someone that would pose a threat a fake name, and continue to be friendly, and even go so far as make a different background for himself.  Generally, he lies when he can gain something from the use of a lie.
He will (usually) only lie if:
  1. He’s avoiding talking about himself     
  2. The person he’s lying to is better off not knowing      
  3. The person worries him, and it’s better to use a different alias


Spiro was born twenty five earth years ago to two spacer parents on board a trading vessel. He was a fighter from the start, picking fights with other children throughout his childhood years and well into his teens as he and his family hopped from trading station to trading station. Finally coming of age, Spiro left his parents to find his own destiny on a small planet in the Phraetos star system. How this young trader came to become the most powerful man on the planet is a mystery to all but young Spiro himself, who keeps himself surrounded with automatons and loyal soldiers at all times.

He's currently the overlord for Phraetos IV, a place with few visitors.

Though he does not admit it, Shio grew up in a small farming community on planet Terra. Terra is an alternate Earth essentially, with one massive metropolis that’s been huge with tourism, technology, and is overall a giant mixing pot for space travelers. Even with the extent of technology available on the planet, he lived humbly by the coast with his parents, which is evidently where he gained his skills.

The rest is history, but something led him to leave his small hometown.

He traveled from then on, and didn’t just stop with Terra, that was just the beginning. After wandering all around his world, he knew he had to go farther. He did anything he could to earn credits (or currency) to get shuttle trips off-world to different locations (mostly fishing) that he wanted to explore. Even longer story short, he’s been anywhere and everywhere he could go for a while before happening across the wrong shuttle.

While trying to get to his next destination, he got onto the incorrect shuttle and was (not very gently) dropped off on Phraetos IV, which was more of an island on a planet of complete murky water. Not what he was expecting, but he went exploring. The place was decrepit and with the help of some very nervous locals, he was told that the planet (like many others) was under the control of an Overlord, and this was a dictating one. After helping the rebellion (or rather, just being with them to learn about the place) he was spotted by sentry robots and even tricked, getting himself arrested and thrown into a solitary cell in the dictator’s tower. Plenty of escape attempts have been successful and unsuccessful, but the overlord seems keen to keep him caged.

In the time of Planet Impossible, Spiro once again gets bored enough and wants to see Shio get beaten up in his name, especially for another planet. Upon learning of an 'aliens' tournament, Spiro contacts the FaceMaker into disguising Shio as an alien. They had to pick something human in body type, and was easy enough to change without being too weird. Still, his pretend species gives him no powers or advantageous abilities, just a face that'll get him in the door.


Shio is still held repeatedly captive in Spiro's tower. Thus, he's basically forced into whatever the hell the really bored overlord wants him to do. (see roulette city srsly) which includes fighting his battles for him. Spiro isn't against threatening people Shio had gotten close to, especially Nessa, Spiro's head of security, who has broken Shio out plenty of times. Threatening Shio's friends and freedom will get him into all kinds of messes

Spiro and Shio are both fantastic liars. Shio lives day to day hiding himself, and using anything that will gain him an advantage whether being another persona or just not telling the complete truth. Spiro has no problem with flat-out lying to anyone to get his way. Compassion and betrayal are what ties these two together, and incidentally makes them fucking hate each others' guts.

the other shit


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